Podcast – Pink October

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October is worldwide known to be the breast cancer prevention month, but do you know how it all began?

The largest breast cancer prevention organization is the Susan G. Komen Foundation. It is located in the USA, and, long ago, it started a campaign to encourage women to perform the breast self-exam, visit doctors, and regularly undergo screening tests, such as the mammography exam.

This movement has always been more intense during the month of October, and it was in 1990, to call the population’s attention to the cause, that the Pink Ribbon symbol was created together with the first “Race for the Cure” run in New York City. Since the very beginning, its purpose has been the same: raise awareness among the population that prevention is the best medicine, engage as many women as possible in this fight and encourage them to regularly undergo screening tests, considering that the standard recommendation is that women above forty should undergo at least one mammography exam once a year.

The campaign was a success and it was quickly added to the American calendar. Eventually, it spread throughout the world, reaching a massive engagement that involves many kinds of movements to raise awareness among the population. Nowadays, early diagnosis is responsible for a 95% chance of cure.

In Brazil, October has been pink since 2002. Here, breast cancer corresponds to almost 30% of all cancer cases reported. This matter is very serious, so take part in this cause by performing the breast self-exam or encouraging someone to do it.


breast cancer preventioncombate ao câncer de mama

to perform the breast self-examfazer o autoexame

to undergo screening testsfazer exames preventivos

mammography exam mamografia

Pink Ribbonlaço rosa

raise awarenesschamar a atenção, conscientizar

prevention is the best medicineprevenção é o melhor remédio

early diagnosisdiagnóstico precoce

take part in this causeparticipe desta causa

encouraging someone to do it – incentivando alguém a fazer.

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A inFlux garante, em contrato, o domínio rápido do seu inglês.

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